Congressional Briefing on FBI Misconduct held on March 28, 2006

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On March 28, 2006 the Judiciary Committee of the Democratic aisle of
Congress held a Congressional Briefing in an effort to investigate
allegations of FBI misconduct in Puerto Rico. The ACLU has been serving as
legal advisors to members of the press attacked by FBI agents while in the
process of doing their work as news media reporters. The ACLU was present
at the briefing of March 28, 2006 by way of William Ramirez, Executive
Director of the ACLU of Puerto Rico, Mark Lopez, Senior Staff Attorney in
the ACLU National Chapter Legal Office, and Greg Nojeim, Legislative Counsel
in the Washington, D.C. Legislative Office. The ACLU will keep the public
informed of any developments related to efforts concerning FBI misconduct in Puerto Rico.

Access importante documents (PDF) prepared by deponents in the briefing of March 28, 2006:



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