The increasing volume of emails that we receive weekly forces us to accept written communication on our Complaint Form by regular postal mail and/or via Fax, exclusively.

Please mail your inquiries to:

ACLU of Puerto Rico
Union Plaza, Suite 205
416 Avenida Ponce de León
San Juan, PR 00918

Fax:  (787) 753-4268

There are many cases and problems of unfairness and injustice which we are simply unable to handle. We receive many requests for assistance each month; therefore, we cannot accept all of the complaints that fall within our guidelines. We must select those which we believe will have the greatest impact on protecting civil liberties.



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Union Plaza, Ste 205 | 416 Ave. Ponce de León | San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918
Teléfono: 787-753-8493 | Fax: 787-753-4268
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