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Today, the ACLU is standing up for freedom in a clear, unequivocal and effective fashion. From abortion rights, to same-sex marriage, to government-funded religion, the ACLU is on the ground in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands fighting those who would use the power of the government to dictate its citizens’ moral choices.

To meet these enormous challenges will take the wisdom and experience of ACLU lawyers, the skill and energy of ACLU legislative advocates, the grassroots work of ACLU affiliates, organizers and online activists, and a massive communications effort, using every tool and forum available to convey our powerful message. But more than anything, it is going to take a growing, strong and vibrant ACLU membership.

There are always those in powerful positions who wrongly insist that we must trade away our fundamental freedoms to secure our safety. No organization can challenge that idea more effectively than the ACLU. And no individual can take your place in supporting our work.

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